Printax Co.LTD is a high-tech company that specialized in high speed printing equipments, with three subsidiaries including Tianjin Printax Office Equipment Co., LTD., Beijing PRINTAX Global Technology Co.,LTD. and Singapore PRINTAX ASIA PTE., LTD. Specifically, Tianjin Printax Office Equipment Co., LTD. and Beijing PRINTAX Global Technology Co.,LTD. are mainly responsible for the Chinese market, and Singapore PRINTAX ASIA PTE., LTD is mainly responsible for the Asian market. Meanwhile, Printax established maintenance centers in many provincial capital cities to ensure its service quality. We are proud to say that Printax is one of the leading companies in China’s high-speed printing market with the largest sales volume and the best service quality. Accompany with the high market share, Printax establishes great sales and service networks throughout the nation.
            The main products of Printax include Taiwan KPOWER high-speed laser printer (China general agent), Germany PSI production-oriented continuous laser printer (China agent), US Xiante high-speed color laser printer (China agent), Japan PENTAX high-speed laser printers, and other related consumables and maintenance facilities. For many years, with the purpose of "people-oriented, customer first, service first", Printax has successfully expanded its client relations to many leading companies in different industries and obtained great public praise among all clients. For example, our clients include major financial institutions such as ICBC, CCB, Bank of China, The Agriculture Bank of China, China Citic Bank, etc. What’s more, we also obtain high reputation in other industries including telecommunication, postal service, tobacco, tax, health care, and insurance.
            With more than 10 years of continuous growth, Printax has established a very professional team of outstanding talents. These employees all obtain graduate or undergraduate degrees from famous universities and have accumulated rich industry experiences. After continuous great efforts, Printax successfully created a 360 degree service system ranging from client training, to joint development, to national-wide remote monitoring maintenance network, which can provide 24-hour hotline service according to the needs of users.
            In the future, with your trust and support as well as our strong technical strength, we believe that Printax will be able to provide more excellent products and services to our clients and achieve greater success in high-speed printing industry both nationally and internationally.

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